Educational Experiences

Located in Lawrence, the Gateway to the Goldfields, our museum has a wealth of exciting history to share with your ākonga.

Choose from existing modules or collaborate with our Education Officer to create a bespoke programme to achieve your learning outcomes and spark your student's imaginations.

Years 4-9

Rush to the Goldfields

Explore the excitement of the early Otago gold rush.  Look at key figures and the life of early Chinese and European miners who flocked to Tuapeka to make their fortunes.  This experience blends a traditional tour with hands-on and self-guided activities, sure to engage every learner.

Time 1 hour

Add On
If you have more than an hour, this module has the option to include gold panning at Gabriel's Gully.

Adventures with our Ancestors

Uncover a wealth of information at the Gabriel Street Cemetery, final resting place to famous residents such as J.J. Woods, Helen Munro, and Sam Chew Lain.  Students will then head to the Museum where they will play the role of an archaeologist: piecing together clues in an attempt to determine who a person was in life.

Time 2 hours

Historic Life in Tuapeka

Understand how the discovery of gold changed the Tuapeka and explore how early residents lived, worked, and played.  This module has three unique add-on options:

Add-ons cost $5 per student to cover supplies

Time 1-2 hours

History Detectives

Investigate our rich history!  Ākonga use primary and secondary sources from the museum collection to interpret and understand the past.  

Time 1 hour

Add On
Explore the craft of printmaking by making and using your own printing plate.  $5 per student.

Years 0-3

J.J. Woods

A musical adventure for younger students.  Discover the story of J.J Woods, the Lawrence school teacher who wrote the music to our National Anthem.  Then make your own simple instruments and learn how to play.

Time 1 hour

Years 10-13

Spotlight On: Chinese Miners

The promise of gold lured immigrants from all over the world to Tuapeka, but in 1865 Chinese were specifically invited to mine the goldfields. This experience investigates the lives and rich culture Chinese men brought with them and examines the complex relationships between Chinese and European immigrants.

Time 1 hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Group size maximum 20 kids, larger groups can be split into two sessions

Supervision Ratio 1 adult per every 6 kids

Where should we park?
Free street parking is available along Ross Place for up to an hour.  For longer visits, use the Ross Place lot.  Entrance is located between the Coach and Horses Inn and Lindy Chinnery Handwoven Designs.

Where can my class eat lunch?
There are many picnic areas throughout town.  We recommend the Steep Street Domain which has one picnic table, a flat lawn, short walking tracks, and a historic stamper battery.  Steep Street Domain is a short, 3 minute walk from the museum.   A fenced in playground is located on Whitehaven Street, near the Night n' Day.

In inclement weather there are covered picnic areas at both entrances to town.

Where are the toilets?
Public toilets are located on Ross Place, beside the Night n Day.  There are no toilets or running water in Gabriel's Gully, so we recommend a toilet break before and after your Rush to the Goldfields experience.

 Interested in creating a bespoke programme?
Contact tuapekagoldfieldsmuseum[at] for more information.